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Bivins Media Blasting Services

This service is different than Dustless Blasting. In some situations, our mobile Media Blasting will be the best method for your surface area. Media Blasting is still Eco-Friendly and will not damage any surface area.

We still use our state-of-the-art dustless blasting equipment with media (type of abrasive) inside a tank, but no water is added. This decreases the machine’s pressure output, creating some dust. However, it is biodegradable and natural media, as we use baking soda and walnut shell blasting. The dust can be easily swept away or power washed, depending on the surface area.

Media Blasting also removes paint, grime, rust, coatings, and contaminants. It is best for restoration of more fragile materials.

Our Mobile Media Blasting Services cleans and restores thinner or more fragile materials such as:

  • Thin Metals
  • Rotting or Fragile Wood
  • Porous Surface Areas
  • Smaller Furniture Items
  • Antiquities
  • And More!

Our team of well trained experts, will come to your Business or Residence, with our mobile media blasting equipment and services. We serve Houston and surrounding areas within a 100 mile radius. Contact Us by Calling 832-954-4176 or fill out the Get A Quote form. We look forward to serving you!

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