Refinery – Oil and Gas and Refinery Dustless Blasting

Over time, dirt, grime, oil, chemicals, rust, coating, and debris will build up. This happens often on Pipes, Tanks, and Operating Equipment in the Oil & Gas Industry. Build-up causes equipment to function slowly, improperly, and eventually break. It may also cause fires, increase air pollution, and additional risks for workers, who may slip and fall on dirty surfaces.

Bivens Dustless Media Blasting Services removes all unwanted build-up. We increase the reliability of all Oil & Gas, Refinery, and Plant equipment by eliminating pulverized particles of dust, common to ordinary dry media blasting methods. While we are dustless blasting your operating equipment, you may not have to stop operating your equipment. If you do, we will decrease any down time, and have your operating equipment running better and efficiently. 

Our state-of-the-art mobile dustless blasting equipment will clean, maintain, and restore any surface area quickly and safely, and it is Eco-Friendly. Maintain & Restore VS. Expensive Replacement!

Gas Plant Pipe Dustless Blasting

Gas Plant Pipe Dustless Blasting

Pipe Dustless Blasting

These pipes can be dustless blasted live, during operations at a gas plant. It saves time and protects nearby equipment. By dustless blasting the coating during normal operations, future shut downs will be less likely and complicated.

Gas Tank Rust Remover

Gas Tank Rust Remover

Refinery Oil and Rust

Over time there are layers of soft coating, oil, build-up, and layers of rust on tanks and other refinery equipment. Our mobile dustless blasting will remove rust and oil from a refinery, without downtime.

We are mobile and come to your business or facility. We serve Houston and surrounding areas, within a 100 mile radius.

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