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Public parking garages endure quite a bit of abuse from cars and people. It is critical to have regular cleaning services to maintain the look and safety of a parking garage.

Parking garage owners and managers should obtain our dustless blasting services, at least a few times a year, to prevent excessive build-up. When regular maintenance services are not scheduled, it can cause safety issues, increased air pollution, fires, and additional risks to your patrons, who may slip and fall on dirty surfaces.

Bivens Dustless Media Blasting provides the best service for your parking garage floor, wall, and ceiling cleaning & paint stripping services. You can schedule us regularly to remove dirt, grime, motor oil, graffiti, fire and smoke damage, and/or parking line paint. We clean other hard to remove build up and prepare it for repainting the exterior and interior parking stripes or lines, without damaging any surface areas.

Below are examples of our exterior and interior parking garage cleaning and paint stripping service.

We will clean, maintain, and restore any surface area quickly and safely, and the media (abrasive) used is always Eco-Friendly. We can perform our services when your parking garage is closed or during a day and time it is least full, for minimal down time.

Maintain & Restore VS. Expensive Construction Services!

Parking Garage Cleaning and Paint Stripping

Parking Garage Cleaning and Paint Stripping

Parking Garage Floor Cleaning and Paint Stripping Service

With our dustless blasting, we garage wall, median, and floor cleaning and paint stripping service. If you are a parking garage owner or manager, you will lose patrons if you do not schedule regular maintenance of your garage. Don’t allow your parking garage get to this extremely hazardous and unattractive state. It will be viewed as an unsafe place to park. We can perform regular parking garage wall, median, and floor cleaning service and paint stripping services with our dustless blasting. We remove graffiti and parking lane stripes. It will be spotless, safe, and ready for repainting parking stripes.

Parking Garage Cleaning

Parking Garage Cleaning

Parking Garage Cleaning After a Fire

Your parking garage can become hazardous, when not well maintained. Regular cleaning is critical. A combination of motor oil build up from cars, electrical sparks, and cigarette and lighter litter could cause a serious fire. We typically use beaded glass media to dustless blast all fire and smoke damage from the exterior and interior of your parking garage, with minimal down time. You will not have to worry about cleanup after we are done, as our services do no cause any plumes of dust. In addition, our services include epoxy coating of your floors, after we have cleaned, if needed. We may even be able to assist you with any structural damage caused by a fire.

We are mobile and come to your business or facility. We serve Houston and surrounding areas, within a 100 mile radius.

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