Refinery – Factory, Warehouse & Industrial Cleaning Services with Dustless Blasting

Over time, dirt, grime, chemicals, rust, coatings, contaminants, and debris will develop. This happens often with Factories, Warehouses, and other Industrial Facilities. The exterior, interior, and operating equipment can become hazardous and uncompliant with OSHA rules, if not cleaned, restored, or maintained regularly. The build-up could cause safety issues and equipment to function slowly, improperly, and eventually malfunction. It may even cause fires, increased air pollution, and additional risks for workers, who may slip and fall on dirty surfaces. In addition, you want your facility to look good well maintained for employee morale and corporate walkthroughs.

Bivens Dustless Media Blasting is your solution for factory, warehouse, and industrial cleaning services. With our state-of-the-art mobile dustless blasting equipment, we can fully remove contaminants, debris and other elements that may be affecting the cleanliness of your facility or operating equipment, without damaging any surface areas. While we are dustless blasting the exterior, interior floor or ceiling, and operating equipment, you will have minimal down time of your facility.

Below are 2 examples of our factory, warehouse, and industrial cleaning services.

With our dustless blasting cleaning services your industrial facility and operating equipment will be running better and more efficiently. We will clean, maintain, and restore any surface area quickly and safely, and the media (abrasive) used is always Eco-Friendly. Maintain & Restore VS. Expensive Replacement!

Industrial Cleaning with Dustless Blasting

Industrial Cleaning with Dustless Blasting

Industrial Cleaning Warehouse Floors with Dustless Blasting

With our dustless blasting, we provide factory, warehouse, and industrial cleaning services for your facility’s ceilings and floors. Over time, the ceilings and floors can become dirty and hazardous for employees. We typically use beaded glass media to dustless blast the exterior, floors, and ceilings, safely and with minimal down time. You will not have to worry about cleanup after we are done, as our services do no cause any plumes of dust. In addition, our services include epoxy coating of your floors, after we have cleaned.

Operating Equipment and Industrial Cleaning

Operating Equipment and Industrial Cleaning

Factory and Warehouse Operating Equipment Industrial Cleaning

Your factory or warehouse operating equipment can become less efficient or even break down, when not well maintained. Regular cleaning is critical for any industrial operating equipment. We can clean, and remove the paint and rust off forklifts. Interior parts, such as the engine, of a forklift can accumulate grease and grime. Your forklift could also become rusty and may need to be repainted. If you need the paint of your forklift stripped, dustless blasting can do so without damaging any parts or surface area. Flash rusting can occur within minutes to an hour after paint is removed. We can epoxy coat your forklift after paint has been stripped, to prevent rust and have it ready to repaint, at your convenience.

We are mobile and come to your business or facility. We serve Houston and surrounding areas, within a 100 mile radius.

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