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We offer Trough, Propane Tank, Tractor, Silo, and additional dustless blasting cleaning services for Ranch and Farm Equipment. Farmers and Ranchers wonder how best to clean a silo or strip paint from metal, like a tractor. We use our eco-friendly dustless blasting equipment to strip paint and remove rust, build-up, coatings, grease, grime, and debris off any surface.

We typically use beaded glass media (abrasive), on steel and metals, as it decreases heat and friction, eliminating the possibility of warping. In addition, dustless blasting, with water and media, is a rust inhibitor.   

Below are just 2 examples of how we clean, maintain, and restore all Ranch and Farm operating equipment and machinery, with minimal clean up and down time.

Maintain & Restore VS. Expensive Replacement & Down Time!

Farm Silo Cleaning Services

Farm Silo Cleaning Services

Farm Silo Cleaning with Dustless Blasting

Our highly skilled team can dustless blast a wide range of surfaces such as grain, milk, concrete, and metal silo interiors and exteriors. We typically use beaded glass media for the optimal dustless blasting solution for your silo cleaning services. Our eco-friendly dustless blasting equipment negates the need for human entry, making it the safest and most efficient method to clean, control erosion, or prepare the surface for painting. Your silo stored materials will not be contaminated, have minimal down time, and restored back to 100% of its capacity.

Tractor Supply Blast Media

Tractor Supply Blast Media

How To Strip Paint From Metal or a Tractor

Farmers often wonder how to strip paint from metal surfaces and their tractor. There is no question, the quickest, most efficient, and safest way is with our dustless blasting service. We typically use a supply of glass bead media to dustless blast a tractor and other metal surfaces. This leaves your tractor and other metals free of grease, impurities, rust, and paint.  We are careful to cover any areas of your tractor, but we can blast most areas, even the engine. 

Once your tractor is clean and has had a paint strip, it will be running smoothly again and ready for a fresh coat of paint. In our humid environment, flash rusting can occur within minutes to hours after metal surfaces or tractor has been media blasted. If you do not plan on repainting immediately, we offer epoxy coating afterward. This will protect it from flash rusting

We are mobile and will come to your Ranch or Farm. We serve Houston and surrounding areas, within a 100 mile radius.

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