Residential Interior and Exterior House Cleaning Services

A combination of dustless blasting and media blasting is used for residential interior and exterior house cleaning services and restoration. A customer requiring heavier cleaning and paint or rust removal would benefit from our dustless blasting service utilizing glass bead media (type of abrasive). Glass beads or other “round” media will leave a smooth surface. This is the most common form of media Bivens Dustless Media Blasting uses, as it versatile and can be used for light and heavy jobs, safely.

Using soda or walnut shell blasting, is called media blasting. It is also called “dry blasting.” These media types are beneficial for more fragile, thinner, or porous materials.  Both are eco-friendly, but media blasting emits a small amount of dust. However, it is biodegradable media and easily swept away or power washed.

We typically use beaded glass media, as it decreases heat and friction, eliminating the possibility of warping. In addition, dustless blasting, with water and media, is a rust inhibitor.   

Below are just 2 examples of how we clean, maintain, and restore Residential Properties.

Maintain & Restore VS. Expensive Replacement and Repair Services!

Exterior House Cleaning

Exterior House Cleaning

How To Clean Concrete Driveway

Many homeowners wonder if it is even possible or how to clean built up oil and dirt from their concrete driveway. Our highly skilled team can dustless blast and clean anything, no matter how long the grime has been there. We will come to your home with our dustless blasting equipment and provide you with exterior house cleaning services, making your driveway look brand new.

Exterior House Cleaning

Exterior House Cleaning

How To Clean a Wood Deck

Over time exterior house cleaning becomes more difficult due to weather conditions, improper maintenance, and time. One day your wood deck looks great, and after a storm or two, it has grime, mold, and dirt you can’t scrub off yourself. Homeowners wonder if it possible or how to clean a normally beautiful wood deck. Bivens Mobile Dustless Media Blasting will come to your rescue. Our expert team will come to you and make your wood deck pristine again. All done under an hour or two!

We are mobile and will come to your Residence, Managed Residential Property, or Building. We serve Houston and surrounding areas, within a 100 mile radius.

Contact Us by Calling 832-954-4176 or fill out the Get A Quote form. One of our experts will discuss your needs and start on your project right away.

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