Cleaning City Properties: Mold Off Wood and Removing Highway Graffiti

A combination of dustless blasting and media blasting is used for Municipal and City Property cleaning services and restoration. Most city properties are outdoors. They will become unattractive, dirty, form rust & mold, build up, and obtain chipping paint from weather and heavy usage.

Heavier cleaning and paint or rust removal would benefit from our dustless blasting service, utilizing glass bead media (type of abrasive). Glass beads or other “round” media will leave a smooth surface. This is the most common form of media Bivens Dustless Media Blasting uses, as it versatile and can be used for light and heavy jobs, safely. We typically use beaded glass media, as it decreases heat and friction, eliminating the possibility of warping. In addition, dustless blasting, with water and media, is a rust inhibitor.

Using soda or walnut shell blasting, is called media blasting or “dry blasting.” These media types are beneficial for more fragile, thinner, or porous materials.  Both are eco-friendly, but media blasting emits a small amount of dust. However, it is biodegradable media and easily swept away or power washed.

Depending on the City Property and project, such as cleaning mold off wood or removing graffiti from a highway, our expert team will advise if dustless blasting or media blasting is the best solution.

Below are just 3 examples of how we clean, maintain, and restore Municipal and City Properties.

Maintain & Restore VS. Expensive Replacements and Repairs!

Clean Highway Graffiti and Concrete

Clean Highway Graffiti and Concrete

How To Clean Concrete and Graffiti from a Highway

Some people vandalize our city properties, especially under a highway. Dustless blasting is the most economical & eco-friendly way to restore and clean city properties. Some city properties and areas have been neglected for so long, City Officials may wonder what service to hire, how to clean concrete, and/or if it is possible to clean graffiti from a highway. Our highly skilled team can dustless blast and clean anything, no matter how long the graffiti / paint, build up, or grime has been there. We will go to the property, with our mobile dustless blasting equipment, and provide the city with our restoration and cleaning services.

How To Clean Mold Off Wood

How To Clean Mold Off Wood

Cleaning Mold Off Wood

Any city property, especially made from wood, can become very difficult to clean due to weather conditions, improper maintenance, and time. After a storm or two, a park bench will build up grime, mold, and dirt. City Officials, who care about restoring city properties, such as parks, should be proactive with searching how to clean mold off wood. They will find Bivens Mobile Dustless Media Blasting as the best service provider for cleaning mold off wood. Our expert team will make parks and wood benches pristine again. All done under an hour or two!

Cleaning Playground Equipment

Cleaning Playground Equipment

How To Strip Paint Off Metal

City properties, such as playgrounds, are subject to outside elements, weather, overuse, neglect, and lack of maintenance. If not cleaned regularly, severe rust, chipping paint, dirt, and grime will build up. City Officials must make it a priority to search the best service for cleaning playground equipment and how to strip paint off metal. They will find Bivens Mobile Dustless Media Blasting is the best service provider for cleaning, removing rust, and stripping paint from any city property. The owner is a proud veteran and still takes pride by serving his country and city, with his dustless blasting business, by beautifying public and city properties. 

We are mobile and will go to any municipal or city property to provide our services. We serve Houston and surrounding areas, within a 100 mile radius.

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