Bivins Dustless Blasting and Media Blasting FAQs

1. What is Dustless Media Blasting?

Dustless media blasting is an eco-friendly way to remove paint and rust from various surfaces. It does not damage the surface area and prevents large plumes of dust from being released into the air. Water is added to the media to suppress dust while increasing our dustless blasting equipment’s pressure and output. This makes dustless blasting ideal for large jobs in every industry. Glass beads are the preferred media used for our dustless blasting services. All dustless blasting reduces heat and friction, eliminating warping.

2. Is All Media Used in the Machine Considered “Dustless?”

No – it is whether water is added or not that makes the media dustless. Any media can be used in the machine, regardless of whether it is wet or dry. Our expert team will discuss what your needs are. They will decide what type of media would be best to accomplish and finish the job to your satisfaction. Dustless media blasting is typically reserved for large projects, while “dry” blasting or media blasting is better for fragile and smaller surfaces.

3. Is Soda Blasting or Walnut Shell Blasting Considered “Dustless?”

Soda and walnut shells are not considered dustless media blasting. It is simply called media blasting. In some cases, media blasting is a preferred method versus dustless blasting. Examples include porous surface areas, smaller items, and fragile wood. The media breaks on impact, without water in the tank. Water is what makes it dustless. However, it is still eco-friendly, and the dust can be easily swept away, or power washed. Soda is ideal for restoring surfaces after a fire, acting as both a gentle blasting media and a deodorizer. Walnut shells are beneficial for tougher jobs requiring a gentle abrasive.

4. Do You Provide Media Blasting Near Me?

We provide mobile dustless media blasting and mobile media blasting in Houston, Texas and surrounding areas within a 100 mile radius. Our expert team will come to your business or residence. We gather requirements for your project, determining the type of media needed for optimal results.

5. What Media or Abrasives are Used?

The type of media used depends on each project. Dustless blasting encompasses glass beads and other forms of abrasive media. It is completely safe, eco-friendly and will not damage or dent any surfaces. It is one of the most common forms of media used to remove rust, dirt, grease, buildup, coatings, paint, and more on almost any surface area or object. Soda and walnut shells are used for media blasting, providing paint and rust removal on more fragile and thin objects and surfaces. 

Bivins Dustless Blasting and Media Blasting Industry Verticals FAQs

1. Is There a Better Media (Type of Abrasive) for Any Particular Material or Industry?

The media used is not based on industry. It is based on the surface material, object, or customer’s need. For example, a customer requiring paint or rust removal, to prepare a metal surface area for repainting, would benefit from our dustless blasting service utilizing glass bead media. There are more abrasive types of media for extremely heavy industrial jobs. This leaves impressions, and it is best used on materials that will be painted over. Glass beads or other “round” media will leave a smooth surface. This is the most common form of media Bivins Dustless Blasting uses, as it is more versatile and can be used for light and heavy jobs. It removes any coating, without dents or impressions. Media blasting, using soda or walnut shells, is beneficial for more fragile, thinner, or porous materials. 

2. How is Dustless Media Blasting Used in the Oil & Gas Industry?

Pipes, tanks, and operating equipment in the oil & gas industry develop grime, dirt, oil, and rust buildup. This results in problems with operating equipment, such as:

  • Poor functionality
  • Broken components
  • Worker accident & safety issues
  • Increased risk of fires & air pollution

The benefits of utilizing dustless blasting include:

  • Removing dirt, rust, paint, buildup, grease & coatings from any operating equipment
  • Revealing a clean surface
  • Dustless media blasting can be done during normal operation hours

3. Can Dustless Blasting be Used for Construction Equipment?

Construction materials regularly endure rough and dirty conditions. This leads to buildup of:

  • Dirt
  • Rust
  • Debris
  • Grime
  • Heavy coatings
  • Contaminants
  • Asphalt on road equipment

These factors decrease the longevity and efficacy of construction equipment. Dustless media blasting benefits:

  • Road equipment
  • Construction equipment
  • Construction machinery
  • Construction vehicles

Glass beads and other dustless media improve the functionality, and results are seen on the same day, preventing downtime of construction work.

4. Where Can “Dry” Media Blasting be Used?

Media blasting is best for certain situations. This includes:

  • Porous surfaces
  • Thin metals
  • Smaller items

Interior metal or wood furniture and accents might require a lighter media. These items may need restoration by removing:

  • Paint and coatings
  • Rust
  • Dirt and buildup

5. How Can Dustless Blasting be Used for Farms & Ranches?

It can be used for:

  • Silo cleaning
  • Removing rust from propane tanks
  • Cleaning & striping paint from a tractor or other operating equipment
  • Cleaning & restoring wood and metal fences

6. Can Dustless Media Blasting be Used for Warehouses?

The interior & exterior of commercial warehouses and operating equipment, which can accumulate a large amount of dirt and contaminants over time. Dustless blasting removes:

  • Paint
  • Coatings
  • Buildup
  • Rust
  • Grease
  • Contaminants

Glass beads and other dustless media provide an efficient and eco-friendly option for warehouse cleaning. The elimination of dust clouds allow normal operations to continue, while our services take place.

7. How is Dustless Blasting Used in Parking Garages?

Our dustless blasting is utilized for:

  • Graffiti removal
  • Paint removal
  • Tar removal
  • Smoke & fire cleaning

Our dustless blasting services will not leave impressions, resulting in a smooth and clean surface area. This allows parking garages to be thoroughly cleaned without damaging concrete or other surface types.

8. How Can Dustless Blasting be Used for Municipal & City Properties?

Municipal & city properties must always look their best. Our mobile dustless blasting equipment cleans and removes paint and graffiti from:

  • Freeways & highways
  • Bridges & median barriers
  • City properties
  • Government buildings
  • Playground equipment
  • Park benches and structures
  • Monuments
  • Concrete structures

9. How Can Dustless Media Blasting be Used to Restore Fleet Vehicles, Custom Cars & Race Cars?

Dustless blasting is best for fleet, race car, and custom car restoration for cleaning & rust and paint removal. Our service reduces heat, friction, and prevents warping.

The lack of dust prevents contaminants from entering the vehicle’s body parts. The media is used to:

  • Strip paint
  • Remove rust
  • Remove oil
  • Remove grease

10. Can Dustless or Media Blasting be Used for Residential Properties?

Media blasting has many residential uses, including:

  • Exterior residential house cleaning, such as roof and garage doors
  • Cleaning mildew from stucco
  • Removing grime from stone or brick walls
  • Cleaning wooden decks
  • Removing oil and stains from driveways
  • Interior wood and metal furniture and accents

Walnut shell blasting and soda blasting is gentle enough for residential properties and structures. The media emits a small amount of dust but is easily swept away or power washed.

However, some of the above may require dustless blasting, depending on how much buildup has accumulated.

Dustless blasting is used to clean or remove paint from the exterior of homes and residential managed buildings and properties:

  • Houses
  • Apartments
  • High rises
  • Townhomes

We are mobile and will come to your business or residence. We serve Houston and surrounding areas, within a 100 mile radius.

Contact us by calling 832-954-4176 or fill out the Get A Quote form. One of our experts will discuss your needs and start on your project right away.

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